Tina Gverović

Tina Gverović: Diamond Cuts: Sea of People, 2016
Installation out of silk, iron rods, loudspeaker, audio
Vocals: Alexis Taylor
Courtesy the artist and the Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich

Diamond Cuts: Sea of People, 2016

The construction is fragile, consisting of rods and silk panels. Some type of canopy? Or an airy modernist something, appearing as a distant echo of Lilly Reich’s Velvet and Silk Café from 1927? The modernism that began the 20th century went hand in hand with a treasure trove of utopian ideas, with only a precious few remaining. Voices sound from small speakers attached to the rods. They speak of fleeing, of becoming lost, but also of social forms, of markets that, under the unlikeliest of conditions, emerge from the chaos of the giant refugee camps. The silk panels are printed with body parts. Arms, hands and legs drift over a blank field, devoid of ground.