Ā»African TerminalĀ« Transaction II


African Terminal Business School
African Termial

Robin Hinsch, Daniel Ladnar, Tim Kaiser

The African Terminal aims to establish alternative supply chains between Hamburg and West Africa. It engages in the transfer of goods, but not exclusively. Postcolonial debates about economic justice and know-how are part of this variety of maritime trade.
For “Mobile Worlds” African Terminal developed the project “Transaction II”. A part of the exhibition space, which corresponded to the volume of a 20-foot container, was declared a collection point. Here, museum visitors could donate objects according to the “List of Moving Things”. The depot filled up quickly. The objects (such as car tires or electrical appliances) were then shipped to Banjul (Gambia) and sold there. The money flowed back to the New Hamburgers involved in the African Terminal.

African Terminal: Transaction II, 2018
Installation, performance and business school
Courtesy of the African Terminal

More information: www.africanterminal.com