Prof. Yoshiko Inui
Miwa Ngoro

The dramatic phase of Japanese modernization (from the 1870s) is revealed by the kimonos from the collection of textile historian and undisputed expert in the field, Yoshiko Inui (Prof.em., Tokai University, Sapporo). Since the kimono cut is more or less given, the garment is differentiated by the design of the fabric. Omoshirogara means “bizarre” pattern. More specifically, it refers to patterns that have absorbed, that is, assimilated and processed modern experience: Newspaper images of important historical moments such as the Russo-Japanese War (1904/05) or the circumnavigation of the earth by a Japanese airplane are processed into patterns, as are the flags of the fascist alliance of Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.

Explanations of each kimono can be found here: Omoshirogara