Sarah Ama Duah

Sarah Ama Duah: Dresses from the collection »La Chevelure bleu«, 2012
Synthetic hair
Courtesy the artist

Dresses from the collection »La Chevelure bleu«

As a designer Sarah Ama Duah works with materials whose character and connotations push the genre of “fashion” to its limits. Her dresses aspire to become sculpture and performance, while not stripping away the dressy and the play with the body. In “Mobile Worlds,” Ama Duah shows dresses designed purely from white and black synthetic hair. The pieces allow the hair to appear in its untamed fullness – an important topos for the black community –, that is, they celebrate exactly what is uncanny about hair, powerful but also beautiful. At the same time, the dresses retain their function as a “second skin”.