Erzulie Dantor

Erzulie Dantor, depicted on a Vodoun Banner, Haiti, 1940ies, sequins and beads on fabric.
Courtesy of Martina Kudláček

Flags are an integral part of the Vodoun ritual. They show Loa (spirit beings) and their attributes, in this case Erzulie Dantor, to whom the emblems heart and sword are assigned. The flags are richly embroidered with colorful iridescent sequins, which develop their special effect at night torchlight. As the attributes reveal, Erzulie combines love and fighting power. According to legend, she slipped into the body of a priestess to give the signal for revolt at a ceremony. The scars on Erzulie’s face are remarkable. Are they ornamental scars (scarifications)? Or are they the scars of the “Black Madonna of Częstochowa”? This most famous of all Polish icons was once the victim of an iconoclastic attack.