Plate with pseudo-Chinese script

Plate with sheet and pseudo-Chinese script in Chinese Kraak style, with pseudo branding on the ground in Chinese style, Iran, Safavid dynasty, 17th century, Quartz frit, cobalt blue under the glaze faience.
Courtesy of Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

Who could resist the charm of Chinese porcelain? At least no lover of beautiful things. And because porcelain was once as rare as it was precious, countless fakes circulated alongside the few originals. This bowl from Persia is made of stoneware and compared to the original material is very heavy. The painting is based on blue and white porcelain. The characters, however, are fictitious. And if you look closely, you will discover that they are written from right to left, like Farsi. It would be ignorant to claim that the bowl is “fake”. As if its proud owners had not known…